How to change last commit message

Change last commit message

So consider I committed changes with the following command (-m to write one line commit message):

git commit -m "fix: big feature X"
git commit --amend -m "fix: small feature X"

Verify new commit message

To check that it worked and I fixed the right commit I check the latest commit with:

git log --oneline
1792519 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) fix: small feature X
701aa33 docs: add instructions to README

Fix pushed commit

In case I already pushed to the remote repository the commit I want to fix, I force the push to remote to update the commit. Preferably, you are working on a feature specific branch, which does not affect the main one (in case this messes the git history for some reason). So this is what I would run, where <branch> is the branch you are working on (e.g.: master).

git push -f origin <branch>



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